Certification of the conformity of products and services according to the requirements of national standards

Steps of product certification procedure carried out by Hungarian Standards Institution
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Why is it necessary to certify the conformity of products?

The market economy, the competitiveness, the increasing customer requirements regarding the quality of products force the companies to maintain and increase their market position by verification, certification of the conformity of their products.

How does the product certification system work?

The purpose of the Hungarian Standards Institution (MSZT) is to promote the success of economic organisations on the market on national and international level by increasing the confidence in the certified products and protect their commitment to the law. Therefore in harmony with the Act XXVIII of 1995 on standardisation MSZT developed its product certification system verifying the conformity of the products to the national standard and applies it.
The product certification system meets the requirements of implemented European standard MSZ EN 45011:1999 „General criteria for the operation of various types of bodies performing product certification”.
According to the rules of product certification system the manufacturer verifies the conformity to the standard with

  • manufacturer’s declaration,
  • comprehensive tests of types

regarding those products where the technical requirements and tests are specified by standard and the manufacturer applies quality management system and assumes obligation for

  • the regular testing of products regarding the identification of type,
  • the correct use of marks.

By the involvement of experts experienced in the manufacture, distribution, testing and application of products and with considering  the opinion of professional advocacy organization the Hungarian Standards Institution permits, registers and verifies the use of testing and certification mark "MSZ...megvizsgálva" with a certificate.

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