Certification of Energy Management Systems (EnMS)- MSZ EN ISO 50001:2012 (ISO 50001:2011)

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The purpose of MSZ EN ISO 50001:2012 is to contribute to more efficient use of energy resources and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other related environmental impacts. Savings can be perceptible from the beginning of the development of the system. Operation of the energy management system results in significant cost reduction and numerous other benefits.
In 2012 the Hungarian Standards Institution (Magyar Szabványügyi Testület, MSZT) published the standard MSZ EN ISO 50001 Energy management systems — Requirements with guidance for use in Hungarian language. The standard provides assistance for organizations to establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption. It specifies energy management system requirements and helps to develop and implement an energy policy and energy objectives which take into account legal commitments and information related to significant energy use. This standard is applicable to all types and sizes of organizations, irrespective of geographical, cultural or social conditions. Conformity to the requirements of the standard can be audited or certified by a third party.

What are the benefits of EnMS according to MSZ EN ISO 50001:2012?

  • Reduced energy consumption and reduced energy costs;
  • Better business performance;
  • Increased security of energy supply; 
  • Potential for reduced regulatory costs;
  • Generating innovation;
  • High level of compatibility with other management systems (quality, environmental, occupational health and safety);
  • Strengthened image, improved competitive advantage, motivated employees.

Who benefits from application of MSZ EN ISO 50001:2012?

  • Leaders of establishments, general and financial managers;
  • Environmental managers;
  • Energy engineers;
  • Energy advisors;
  • Energy policy developers and managers;
  • Architects, contract managers, construction engineering inspectors;
  • Energy monitoring organizations.

Do you know the following?

  • The objectives of the EU until 2020 are: improving energy efficiency by 20%; reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 %; increasing the use of renewable energy by 20 %. 
  • Buildings are responsible for Europe’s energy consumption by 40 %. 
  • Road transport contributes about one-fifth of the EU's total emissions of carbon dioxide         (CO2), the main greenhouse gas.

MSZT’s well-trained auditors and experts are competent to perform the audit against MSZ EN ISO 50001:2012. Existing management systems (e.g. MSZ EN ISO 9001 and/or MSZ EN ISO 14001) can be easily aligned or integrated with MSZ EN ISO 50001. MSZT’s integrated certification service allows our clients to combine the requirements of more important standards in a single managements system. 

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